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Meet Rebecca Damia,


Essential Oil Specialist

Holistic Health & Wellness Provider

Rebecca has been practicing Yoga since 1999 and teaching Yoga since 2002.  She was introduced to Āyurveda shortly after and considers herself a life-long student of Āyurveda & Yoga, maintaining an Āyurvedic daily (Dinacharya) & seasonal (Ritucharya) routines with a regular Yoga practice that includes Āsana (Yoga Postures), Prāṇāyāma (breathing practices), Dhyāna (meditation), and chanting. She believes that this commitment deepens her insight to help others along their own holistic wellness & healing journey.

Rebecca believes that ALL people can benefit, experience, and practice Yoga. She has 22 years of experience working with a diverse population of people, ranging from: Pre & Post Natal, children as young as 2 years old and adults of all ages.  She also has experience with people who are taking care of themselves with: Anxiety, Athletics, Asperger's, Cancer, Depression, Eating Disorders, MS, Physical injuries from sports, stress, or accidents (knees, hips, back, scoliosis), and with people who have Special Needs (Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Down's Syndrome and wheel chair users). 


Rebecca has taught Yoga at Fitness & Community Centers, Yoga Studios, privately at ones home and at Delaware County Community College.  She has taught Āyurveda for West Chester University's Trans-cultural Health Class.  She has been a guest speaker on Āyurveda for Philadelphia Day of Yoga 2016.  She has spent 2 decades educating the public on Āyurveda & Yoga privately, as group lessons, and workshops.  Most recently Rebecca was a part of a clinical study, using Yoga  postures to test adhesive strength of medical devices placed on the body. 


Currently, Rebecca is offering Yoga Therapy and Āyurveda Life-style Consultations as a private practice.  She is also Well-being Champion for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.


Rebecca's personal experience with both illness and wellness contributes to her beliefs that everyone may benefit, experience, and practice Yoga while implementing aspects of Āyurveda into their daily routine in order to maintain a Balanced Life.

Mission Statement:

Yoga is a science of self discovery that awakens the body, mind, and spirit towards the illumination of longevity that directs each individual on the discerning path of Āyurveda.

Why Rebecca Teaches:

Rebecca's experience with both illness and wellness contributes to her beliefs that everyone may benefit, experience, and practice Yoga while implementing aspects of Āyurveda into their daily routine in order to maintain a Balanced Life.

Meet Rebecca
Why Naturopathy

Why Āyurveda?

It may help with

Herbs and Spices

Applying Āyurvedic principles of daily and seasonal practices to uniquely assist you with your health and wellness needs. Discover daily Ayurveda regimens for improved assimilation, process, and elimination of digestion for five senses


By adopting Āyurvedic  daily regimens, Yoga Nidrā , and Restorative Yoga practices into your routine you may improve the quality of restfulness and sleep naturally resulting in experienceing natural energy.


Āyurvedic cleansing programs for individuals or groups focusing on seasonal practices and programs for assisting with balancing and  resetting the body's natural rhythms to heal itself.

Women's Health

With careful concentration on your unique stage of life & delicate constitution, Rebecca caters to your needs by providing you with a personal plan of Āyurvedic modalities & Yogic practices such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Meditation in effort to regulate menstrual cycle, manage menopause, balance moods, and ease emotions.

Weight Management

Using the traditions of Āyurveda and Yoga with a combination of integrating  natural health modalities, foods, and herbs to assist with weight management. 


Guidance for living with ease using a variety of Yoga and Meditation methods to cultivate peace in your life.


"The first Yoga class I ever took was with Rebecca 10 years ago. She is so warm and friendly and just makes you feel at ease. Over the years I have watched her continue to dive deeper into this art and grow her practice. Thank you Rebecca for introducing me to lifestyle. Try a class or private session with her, she's amazing!"

— Katie S.


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